Energy Levels Were High Today


I’ve been hitting the gym four days a week just didn’t feel like posting. I’ve been in a funk lately but snapped out of it.

I did my chest and leg workout today first. Then I warmed up with jumping rope for about 10 minutes. I then hit the heavy bag for a while. I did three 3 minute rounds. I felt really good today. I think it’s because I did my workout first then went into my boxing.

After I felt so good I did my HIIT cardio routine on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Here’s the link to my HIIT cardio routine if you haven’t read it and would like to give it a try. If done right you will burn 200 calories in twenty minutes.


I ran into and met a young kid probably 19 or 20 who was on his way from becoming an amateur boxer trying to go pro in the light featherweight division I assume based on his size. Oh man I could tell at first glance he was different. He was doing things with the Jumprope and heavy bag that you just don’t see in a commercial gym that the average John Doe goes to. I was so motivated just watching him hit the bag while I was running I got goosebumps. I wanted to go hit the bag some more even after I had just finished my session and was almost done with my cardio. It was amazing.

It seemed like the energy in the gym was raised to a whole new level. I could just feel the electricity and everyone else in the gym I think felt it too. Anyway it was an awesome experience and thought I’d share the experience with you. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Road To 100.


I dislike change yet I welcome change. I am still on an early shift for Monday but now I work 7 to 5:30. It works out pretty good with my new routine I’ve been following. I hit the gym 5 days a week now. I do solely chest on Mondays and Fridays. I hit back and shoulders on Wednesdays. I hit upper and lower chest on Thursdays. I hit legs, traps and box on Sundays.

I am really happy I isolated chest on Mondays and Fridays. My mid chest is my weakest muscle group due to my chronic shoulder pain. It’s just the pressing movement which seems to always effect my right shoulder the most. It’s weird I get more shoulder pain from my chest workouts than my actual shoulder workouts. Chest having its own day allows me to really isolate the target area and I get to do five different chest exercises so that I can fatigue and challenge that muscle group. Since I began this new routine I stopped doing my 100 push-ups a day. I think the push-ups were making my right shoulder worse. I am experiencing less shoulder pain now that I’m on my new routine.

Hitting my mid chest two days a week now is really paying off. My target before the end of the year is to get one successful chest press with the 100lb dumbbells. Right now my max was getting the 85lb dumbbells for one rep. I actually did 3 but the other two were assisted by my spotter.

It’s all good though I’m really excited and will hit my target before the new year. I plan to go up 5lbs every two or three weeks.

I posted my post workout meal which was whole wheat penne with marinara sauce and some graded parmigiana cheese. It was some good eats. The pasta was only a buck so I bought 5 boxes. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’




Sedona Or Bust


A good friend on mine and I went hiking in Sedona today. I must admit it was a long day but totally rewarding. It’s about a two hour trip each way to the wondrous city. We went on a vacation day knowing it would be less crowded and it paid off.

We hiked the Boynton Trail which was about six miles round trip. We were looking for the Vortex but came up short as we were pressed for time so we headed back. A rapid sun set coinciding with even a faster temperature drop caused us to turn back to our campgrounds at about 4pm.

It was a great hike and we are definitely going back to reach the top of the mountain in a few weeks. We will begin our next hike at sunrise.

We took a few pictures which are commonly known that any picture does not due justice to the true natural beauty of the red rock county.

Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’




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Don’t Drop Your Hands Part Two


Here are the last two clips. You can tell on clip 5 I’m exhausted. My hands are dropping but all in all it was an awesome workout.

After the heavy bag I hit legs, traps and my upper and lower chest.

Gotta luv Sunday’s and until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’

Mr. Greg


Don’t Drop Your Hands No Matter What


I got some more heavy bag work in today. I have five 1 minute clips which I’ll post 3 here and the other two in my second post. They upload easier in shorter clips.

My shoulders were on fire today which what I was going for. You gotta keep your hands up you know. I’m still really slow and am punching flat footed.

One thing I changed since the last time was that I warmed up by jumping rope for about 10 minutes prior to warm up and relax. I mentioned last week I just need to relax and have fun while rendezvousing with the all mighty heavy bag.

It worked. Holy shit just a few minutes jumping rope just as if I were 8 years old again. Who’d have thought huh? Anyway until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’




Loving My Sunday’s….


Today was awesome. I got to chair a meeting this morning then hit the gym. I worked on hitting the heavy bag again for about 20 minutes. I posted two short videos below.

One thing I noticed I am not relaxed. I look robotic and my footwork seemed sluggish. I did start to incorporate some pick-punch combos and kicked the bag a bit more. The only gloves that are available are UFC fighting gloves which are much lighter and have less padding than traditional boxing gloves. My hands did hurt after about ten minutes of punching but it’s not bad enough where I risk injury it just hurts because of the different types of gloves available. I’m getting used to them though.

I am happy with my progress because I told myself no matter what I would be hitting the heavy bag every Sunday and I have not skipped a Sunday yet. I’m excited about next week as I want to work on some jabs and improving my fluency and am going to try and relax more and have fun hitting the heavy bag.

What could be a better use of your Sunday getting some recovery, getting to workout and getting to come home and shower in my own home and watch some NFL football? Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’



Pushing Through the Pain


Today was a great day. I hit the gym by 6 and was at my Men’s Stagg meeting at 8. We just got permission to meet in person again. It was good to be back to physical meetings again. I worked my upper and lower chest, hit my trapezius muscles and hit my arms. As I’ve mentioned before I always stick to a push-pull workout.

I did incline bench dumbbell chest presses and decline dumbbell chest presses. My shoulders are a weak part of my body especially my right shoulder. So to be cautious I lower the weight and do more reps for my upper chest then I go right to using the hammer strength incline chest press machine. I will continue to do this until I can strengthen my right shoulder back to being pain free.

My lower chest is strong but because you use the shoulder in pretty much all upper body movements I am always aware of my level of pain if there is any at the time I’m performing the exercise. I must say some days I feel really strong and other days I can barely incline press 50lb dumbbells. It’s all good though I’ve been blessed with pretty good health and relatively injury free for 46 years and still going strong.

Never lift with your ego, focus on longevity rather than PR’s, focus on recovery no matter how young and invincible you think you are, stretch before and after your workouts, always have fun or why do it and until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’




Staying Grateful


Today was a great day. Can you honestly say that you had a bad day when you woke up, you had a bed to sleep in and you had shelter and there was food in your fridge? And most importantly you woke up.

I believe we were put here by a higher being because I don’t think man is smart enough to create another man. I’m not discrediting all the geniuses in the world because there’s many people much smarter than I. This is just my own opinion. Onto another subject boxing.

When you watch the video it’s only about 45 seconds but I’ve been hitting the bag for about 4 minutes straight during that clip. You can observe I’m extremely exhausted. My hands are dropping after each punch and my footwork is non-existent.

Well I’ll be honest I don’t have any footwork anyway I’m always punching flat footed. I do require working on that and being lighter and on the balls of my feet.

I run a great deal so you’d think I’d be lighter on my toes but nope. I’m going to try and get a sparing partner or someone to just help me with my boxing in general and to get some help and feedback. I might take a boxing class here in the valley.

That sounds like fun then maybe an MMA class. We’ll see baby steps for this guy. I don’t want to overdue things as I’ll be 47 next April and still want to be in top shape and of course stay injury free for my half marathon in January. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’

G-reg as my bud Fernando calls me. Here’s to you Fernando.



Challenge Yourself


I hit chest and arms today. I felt strong today so I upped my dumbbells to 70lbs. My normal dumbbell range has been 55-60lbs. I did three sets of ten reps. I sometimes lift each dumbbell individually so that I can really isolate the pectoral muscle. My goal is to go up 5lbs each month.

My long term goal is to lift 100lb dumbbells for three sets of 10 repetitions. I’m sure I could lift the 100lb dumbbells for one or two reps but I don’t have a spotter. Maybe when I’m feeling really strong I’ll grab someone to spot me. My workout routine is posted below. Until then may you be well and remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’



Dumbbell chest press 3X10
Seated pec deck chest flys 3X10
Seated hammer strength chest press 3X10 (picture of machine below)

Seated preacher curls 3X10
Seated machine preacher curls 3X10
Seated tricep pushdowns 3X10

HIIT Cardio
20 minutes on the treadmill rotating speeds and inclines every 1-2 minutes

Outsmart a Dumbbell


I work early on Mondays now from 6-4:30pm then it moves ahead one hour when the time change hits. The good thing that I realized after I was done kicking and screaming because of the early shift is that I get to go workout after my shift is over and still get home early enough to relax and chill for a bit before bed. In addition this shift change gets me an extra day to go workout. I’m stoked.

This bonus day will definitely help me and better prepare for my race next January. I’m slowly getting into a new routine and I am using this extra day to spread out my split workout. I spend more time working on my chest by adding a few more chest exercises.

I did incline and decline chest presses today. I took pictures of my setup and how I position the bench and dumbbells. Just as I mentioned in my last blog I said I would take the pics so you could see what I was talking about. By stacking the dumbbells they become easier to grab and get into position before you begin the exercise.

If you have a spotter then you wouldn’t require stacking the dumbbells your partner would hand them to you once your positioned on the bench. Most injuries happen when your trying to position the weights or yourself for the exercise.

I’ve hurt myself countless times trying to get the dumbbells up into position when doing the incline and decline chest press. I quickly learned to stack the dumbbells to eliminate those awkward movements when trying to lift and position those dumbbells.

I will always use the hammer strength incline and decline chest press machines if available but if not I stack the weights like in the pictures. Lift smart and lift safe and until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet’

Sir Gregory