Breaking The Cycle

Back-dated from 01/09/20

I woke up this morning in a fog. I was late for an appointment and had to reschedule ugh! The fog is me not having good sleeping habits and for living with sleep apnea and not doing anything about it.

I used to wear a sleep apnea mask but since I lost the weight I felt that it was no longer necessary. I can feel the effects of my apnea now more than ever. I wake up groggy but ok. About a half to an hour later I’m falling asleep at the wheel!

I have yet to actually fall asleep at the wheel but I feel like I am about to. My sleeping habits have been down hill since I turned 30. I can no longer sleep anywhere as I once used to. I get about an average of true deep rem sleep of about 4 or less hours of uninterrupted sleep.

My my days off I sleep on average of about 12 hours up to 15. I would go to sleep around midnight and would wake up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I would wake up about 5 times to use the bathroom and usually wake up around 8 (fearing I overslept) for work and would go back to sleep.

I would literally have to count the days and check my phone calendar to see what day it is. Ugh! This sucks but this is my sleep routine. I must change it quick or it will get worse.

Just like my eating habits, workout habits and my daily routine I must work at it and they don’t come easy. I have to put in the work to change my sleep routine. That will consist of going to bed earlier, minimize my food and liquid intake after 8pm and I would have to get an accountability buddy or an app I can use.

Last I’ll have to go back and do another sleep study then follow any recommendations the doctor might prescribe. Everyone has struggles and albatrosses they must confront. I recommend you confront those struggles right in the face. Easier said than done I know but acknowledging those health and fitness struggles cuts the struggle in half. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


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