Brunch, Brunch and More Brunch

Back-dated from 01/12/20

Today was an awesome day. I got wake up to a beautiful woman who treated me to breakfast. My girlfriend is an overnight caregiver. I picked her up at 8am. We both ended up at this nice little breakfast and brunch place in Southwest Phoenix.

Oh man was that good. I had steak and eggs and my girlfriend had a meat lovers omelet. When we got home I packed my gym bag then went to the Old-timers Sunday recovery meeting. I was at the gym stretching by noon. I love going to the Camelback YouFit location because it’s pretty during football season.

I used reverse pyramid training for the first time in months. I felt stronger and less fatigued. I’m not sure whether that strength came from me or from my psyche. Regardless I’ll take it! The last set for each set I went to failure. I was actually fatigued from today’s workout and not just tired and sore. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


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