Bonus Workout

Back-dated from 02/17 & 02/18

I woke up around 10 today. A day of rest; finally. I spent Valentines Day on Sunday with my girlfriend as I had to work on Friday. We went to a restaurant in Scottsdale called the Kona Grill. I’m a pretty flexible and laidback kind of guy but man my meal sucked. $80 for an undercooked piece of meat that was almost half fat. My girlfriend enjoyed her salad and desert which was most important.

There was a killer gelato place around the block from that place we hit up after. I wasn’t about to dump more money in that place. We shared thee scouts of captain crunch, cookie dough and pistachio gelato. It was definitely worth the calorie surplus I was in and the sugar rush that followed.

I woke up Sunday, got a haircut, went to a meeting, worked out, went to a birthday party then took my girlfriend out for Valentines Day.

The workout this morning consisted of back and shoulders. I had to workout in my street clothes as I went directly to the gym after my meeting.

I hit the gym on Monday night at 6 and did a bonus workout. I was off today because of Presidents Day.

I worked out a variety of muscle groups including a few different quad exercises, a few back exercises and calf exercises. I finished with a few trap exercises then called it a day. I did not rest in between sets I went from exercise to exercise and keeping a steady and consistent 4 second rep count. I must be honest I was exhausted but in a good way if that makes any sense.

I have quite a few lbs to loose before my vacation at the end of June. I currently weigh 179 and plan to get to 170 before my trip. My routine is listed below and until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’



Seated reverse peck deck machine 4X10

Standing cable pulls 4X10


Seated machine quad presses 3X10

Quad curls 3X10

Calf extensions 3X10


Lat cable pulldowns using close bar attachment 3X10

Seated machine lat cable pulldowns 3X10


Seated machine shoulder press 3X10

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