Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

Back-dated from 03/01/20

I woke up early as my girlfriend and I had an extensive to do list including car shopping. After a lengthy car shopping endeavor our search is over. We bought a certified used Kia Soul. I like this car so much I’m considering one when I’m due for an upgrade. I’m glad my girlfriend had a plan, stuck to it, executed it and never backed down.

I like to apply this same practice to working out and my nutrition. I know what my maintenance calories are. I know what I will be working on when I hit the gym. I also know how long each workout will be.

To the gym newbie or those getting back into living a healthier and fit lifestyle have a plan, set a goal, measure your progress, have an accountability buddy and stick to it. Today’s workout is posted below. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’



Seated rows 3X10

Lat cable pulldowns 3X10

Bent over upright rows using the Smith Machine using a supinated grip 3X10

Kneeling lat cable pulldowns using close grip attachment 3X10


Seated military press using the Smith Machine 3X10

Seated hammer strength shoulder press 3X10

Seated machine shoulder press 3X10

Seated single arm lateral raises 3X10

Getting Back Into Shape

Back-dated from 02/23/20

I’ve been incorporating cardio back into my workout routine. I probably went about 2 months with no cardio. To be honest I have not been the most clean eater as well. That’s probably why I weigh about 180 right now. Last October I weighed 170 with a 13% body fat.

I started with a light walk at 3.5mph for 10 minutes on the treadmill. Then I started jogging to about 5 then 6mph. After a week I began to do my HIIT cardio again walking for 30 seconds then running for 1 minute at 6mph.

I must say after doing this for a few weeks I am still nowhere where I’d like to be. I still need to loose another 8 to 10 pounds. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!


Chest day and man am I excited! But why you may ask? I’ll give you a hint and it’s not health or fitness related. Any guesses? Well it all started December 2006 when ground was broken to start building the Desert Diamond Casino just two blocks from my house and just one block from the Arizona Cardinals football stadium.

I’m not a gambler or even a risk taker for that matter but it felt exciting having a huge casino just down the street. Today they did their second opening in which they opened the expanded areas including more card rooms, restaurants and more slots and even a sports lounge. They are still expanding to include a hotel and possibly a skywalk like the one connecting the Excalibur and New York hotel in Vegas.

I had a late workout tonight I got to the gym at 9pm and was done including cardio at 11. I came home, ate sushi, took a shower then crashed. It was a long day but totally worth it. I took my girlfriend to her doctor appointment, did some errands and babysitted her three year old niece. The doctors office has an outdoor jungle gym and playground area were her niece likes to play. Her niece is quite the daredevil for a three year old. She climbed higher than ever before at the park. She is slowly getting out of her comfort zone and doesn’t even know it.

I must say that signing up for a gym membership is pretty scary. I know as I reflect on my first day walking into the gym. I thought everyone was staring at me and judging me because I was severely overweight. Each day became easier and I became more comfortable as I started to change and shed the weight. It turns out that no one cares about the way I looked or what I was doing in the gym. Everyone is to busy worrying about themselves to be concerned about you! As I learned this I was able to put forth all that unnecessary energy into myself and my workouts.

If you are wanting to start living a healthier and more fitness related lifestyle and are scared or are uncomfortable great! I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way I want you to become comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s how we grow. Pretty soon you will start to see some results and your friends and loved ones will start saying that something is different about you. You will start to glow as your confidence builds. You will hear phrases like, ‘Something is different about you but I just can’t put my finger on it!’ This is an awesome feeling I know because I have been there. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Bonus Workout

Back-dated from 02/17 & 02/18

I woke up around 10 today. A day of rest; finally. I spent Valentines Day on Sunday with my girlfriend as I had to work on Friday. We went to a restaurant in Scottsdale called the Kona Grill. I’m a pretty flexible and laidback kind of guy but man my meal sucked. $80 for an undercooked piece of meat that was almost half fat. My girlfriend enjoyed her salad and desert which was most important.

There was a killer gelato place around the block from that place we hit up after. I wasn’t about to dump more money in that place. We shared thee scouts of captain crunch, cookie dough and pistachio gelato. It was definitely worth the calorie surplus I was in and the sugar rush that followed.

I woke up Sunday, got a haircut, went to a meeting, worked out, went to a birthday party then took my girlfriend out for Valentines Day.

The workout this morning consisted of back and shoulders. I had to workout in my street clothes as I went directly to the gym after my meeting.

I hit the gym on Monday night at 6 and did a bonus workout. I was off today because of Presidents Day.

I worked out a variety of muscle groups including a few different quad exercises, a few back exercises and calf exercises. I finished with a few trap exercises then called it a day. I did not rest in between sets I went from exercise to exercise and keeping a steady and consistent 4 second rep count. I must be honest I was exhausted but in a good way if that makes any sense.

I have quite a few lbs to loose before my vacation at the end of June. I currently weigh 179 and plan to get to 170 before my trip. My routine is listed below and until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’



Seated reverse peck deck machine 4X10

Standing cable pulls 4X10


Seated machine quad presses 3X10

Quad curls 3X10

Calf extensions 3X10


Lat cable pulldowns using close bar attachment 3X10

Seated machine lat cable pulldowns 3X10


Seated machine shoulder press 3X10

Packed House!

Back-dated from Wednesday 02/12/20

Today was chest and arms day. I was feeling really good and knew I couldn’t get to the gym tomorrow so I hit legs, shoulders and back again, arms and traps today. I was in and out in about an hour and a half. I went to the the Bethany Home location again. I like this location because they do a great job of maintaining their equipment and free weights.

I must be honest that testosterone was flowing through the gym tonight. I got there at 5pm which is a pretty popular time but there was a slew of dudes all hitting the fee weights at the same time. To describe the situation it looked like a tour bus just dropped off a group of amateur bodybuilders for an evening session.

I must have been feeling really good today because in addition to working legs I actually ran on the treadmill and did 30 minutes of HIIT cardio. I almost collapsed after running but during I really felt my adrenaline and endorphins running through my veins. It was totally worth it. After I went home to my girlfriends house, showered, ate Subway then passed out. I had to get up the next morning at 5am to take my girlfriend in for a minor procedure. Today’s workout is below and until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’



Quad curls 3X10

Hamstring curls 2X10

Calf extensions 3X10

Hack squat machine 3X10


Seated preacher curls 3X10

Tricep extensions 3X10


Seated lat pulldowns using straight bar attachment 3X10

Reverse bent over rows using the Smith Machine 3X10


Seated reverse peck deck machine 4X10

Still Trudging Along

Back-dated from 02/09/20

I worked out at another YouFit location last night. I felt tired, strong, weak and bloated all at the same time UGH! Not a good feeling but I got through it kinda like those dreaded Monday mornings that we all sometimes face. For me lately it has been seeming like every day feels like those dreaded Mondays. I usually get through the first few hours then feel better.

If you are starting or getting back into a consistent health and fitness routine you may want to quit. You may feel like those Mondays and just call in sick! Well don’t because you will feel better in the long run.

For me personally I have always felt better when I left the gym than from before. Keep trudging along and have a purpose, a plan and stay focused. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Today’s Workout Back & Shoulders


Seated row 3X12

Bent over row using the Smith Machine 3X12

Seated lat cable pulldown alternating wide grip and close grip attachments 3X12

Seated machine lat pulldown 3X12

Bent over lat cable pull using the straight bar attachment 3X12


Seated Smith Machine Military Press 3X10

Hammer strength shoulder press 3X10

Seated lateral raises 3X10

What Day Is It?

Back-dated from 01/16/20

Have you ever woken up not knowing what day it was? Well that has happened to me on many occasions including today. I slept in until about 2:30pm. I thought I overslept for work and woke up in a panic scrambling for my work’s attendance line. After I settled down I called my girlfriend to let her know I’d be late.

By the time I got to her house she was on her way out the door with my dinner in hand. She made me some shrimp stir fry over a bed of rice. I got to my girlfriends house, grabbed my lunch then headed of to the gym.

I got to the around 5pm and was finished at 6 including stretching and warming down. I did regular pyramid training for my incline and decline chest, legs and traps. I was finished in just under an hour so I hit my arms and back again. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Brunch, Brunch and More Brunch

Back-dated from 01/12/20

Today was an awesome day. I got wake up to a beautiful woman who treated me to breakfast. My girlfriend is an overnight caregiver. I picked her up at 8am. We both ended up at this nice little breakfast and brunch place in Southwest Phoenix.

Oh man was that good. I had steak and eggs and my girlfriend had a meat lovers omelet. When we got home I packed my gym bag then went to the Old-timers Sunday recovery meeting. I was at the gym stretching by noon. I love going to the Camelback YouFit location because it’s pretty during football season.

I used reverse pyramid training for the first time in months. I felt stronger and less fatigued. I’m not sure whether that strength came from me or from my psyche. Regardless I’ll take it! The last set for each set I went to failure. I was actually fatigued from today’s workout and not just tired and sore. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Breaking The Cycle

Back-dated from 01/09/20

I woke up this morning in a fog. I was late for an appointment and had to reschedule ugh! The fog is me not having good sleeping habits and for living with sleep apnea and not doing anything about it.

I used to wear a sleep apnea mask but since I lost the weight I felt that it was no longer necessary. I can feel the effects of my apnea now more than ever. I wake up groggy but ok. About a half to an hour later I’m falling asleep at the wheel!

I have yet to actually fall asleep at the wheel but I feel like I am about to. My sleeping habits have been down hill since I turned 30. I can no longer sleep anywhere as I once used to. I get about an average of true deep rem sleep of about 4 or less hours of uninterrupted sleep.

My my days off I sleep on average of about 12 hours up to 15. I would go to sleep around midnight and would wake up around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I would wake up about 5 times to use the bathroom and usually wake up around 8 (fearing I overslept) for work and would go back to sleep.

I would literally have to count the days and check my phone calendar to see what day it is. Ugh! This sucks but this is my sleep routine. I must change it quick or it will get worse.

Just like my eating habits, workout habits and my daily routine I must work at it and they don’t come easy. I have to put in the work to change my sleep routine. That will consist of going to bed earlier, minimize my food and liquid intake after 8pm and I would have to get an accountability buddy or an app I can use.

Last I’ll have to go back and do another sleep study then follow any recommendations the doctor might prescribe. Everyone has struggles and albatrosses they must confront. I recommend you confront those struggles right in the face. Easier said than done I know but acknowledging those health and fitness struggles cuts the struggle in half. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


A New Year A New You


Where did 2019 go my friends? A blink of an eye it seems and is almost the end of January 2020. I’m proud to say that I have been maintaining my weight for the entire year. I am currently at 177lbs. My peak weight was 185lbs in mid December. The month of December was definitely a cheat month for me.

Well to be honest it started on Thanksgiving Day. Over the long hall my nutrition has been on point which is my I was able to afford a few cheat days, well a cheat month in my case.

Just as investing your nutrition requires consistency over the long hall to be effective. To the newbie nutrition and fitness seeker there are just a few tips that I would suggest to help you be successful along your journey.

Tip#1. Scratch the word ‘diet’ from your vocabulary. Use the term flexible eating or nutrition plan or regiment.

Tip#2. Learn to read nutrition labels. You are what you eat so learn what is in the foods you eat.

Tip #3. Along with reading labels learn to track your macros.

Tip #4. Get an accountability buddy. They can call you out on those ‘justifiable’ snacks or meals we justify ourselves in eating.

Tip #5. Don’t reward yourself with the same foods which that you are supposed to be abstaining.

Until the next workout always remember;

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’