Back To Work!

Back-dated from 12/29/19

Today I worked my back and shoulders again. I’ve still been working out just not posting the blog. I am going to start back up again, in fact I will be changing up my routine starting in 2020. I want to change up the times and rotate more between different YouFits. There’s about 5 in my surrounding area to choose from.

My Xmas gift to my very special lady next year is to get some defined abs and get that classic V-shape taper look around the abdomen. I guess the gift is for me too. I’m sure I’ll get it sooner than next December and am actually shooting for June of 2020.

I’ve been a steady 178 and 15% for the past six months as I have been eating for maintenance. I weighed in today at 183lbs fully dressed and with shoes. I’ve got a lot of work to do over the next 6 months. I know I will have to be in a calorie deficit on average for a steady 2 months.

I want to be in prime condition for my trip with my girlfriend to Gomez and Durango, Mexico in June. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Resolution Time

Back-dated from Sunday 12/22

I woke up around 11am. I must have required a great deal of sleep as I put in almost 12 hours. During the work week I usually get around 5 hours of true deep sleep.

I did a few errands, wrapped some gifts then hit the gym on semi-fasted workout of around 100 calories including my pre-workout. I’ve still been hitting the gym three days a week but just haven’t blogged about it.

I’ve been taking the same old boring progress pictures. I have been changing up my workouts though. There were few times where I skipped day but no more than two. In those cases I doubled up my workout while increasing my speeds and shortening my rest periods.

There were a few weeks where I hit a different Youfit which was I must say invigorating. I was lucky enough to feel the gyms vibes along with using different machines.

The new year is just around the corner and everyone including myself are going to set some short term resolutions along with some long term health and fitness goals. I for one am going to work on reducing my weight and maintaining my maintenance calories and macros.

When setting your upcoming goals I would suggest setting some immediate goals. This will help motivate you to stay on track for your long term goals. You can start now because it will take you about 21 days to break an old habit and 66 days to start a new one. I personally like to enjoy the whole forest one tree at a time. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’



Man almost a month and no post. I have still been hitting the gym three days a week just no post. I guess you can say ‘life got in the way’. That’s just another excuse to say that I lost focus on the blog.

No matter what gets in your way find a way to hit the gym, do something active, eat something healthy and do something good for yourself health and fitness wise. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’


Develop A Routine

Back-dated from 11/10/19

I woke up and hit my morning old timers recover meeting at 10am. I went to the gym right after the meeting ended at 11am. I did a semi-fasted workout which I had about 200 calories in me from my morning protein shake.

I got home, ate lunch then relaxed the rest of the evening with my girlfriend and her son. We ordered pizza for dinner and watched the first two Terminator movies. I don’t know why but her son wanted to see them so she let him.

I love this Sunday routine of getting up early, getting some recovery then getting in my back and shoulder workout all before 1pm. This frees me up for anything else I want to do the rest of the day. I can even do a two-a-day and get in another workout at night if I want.

I will trying this again next Sunday so that I can develop a habit. Maybe this waking up early will rollover to my weekdays. I keep telling myself I will get up and workout before work but every time I have been smashing that snooze button. Routine is good especially in the gym but I am a definite fan and advocate for shocking the muscles and changing up your workout routine. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’



Back-dated from 11/07/19

Leg day for this guy; what muscle group did you work today? I woke up at 6 to take my girlfriend’s son to school to find out via text he got in trouble and was pulled from class for the next two days. I wonder what mischief a 9 year old can get into to cause his mom to pull him from school for 2 days? I’ll find out in the days ahead so I went back to sleep and woke up again at 11.

I went with my girlfriend and her son (now home from school) to her work party and a meet and greet. So much food it was overwhelming. They had one tray just for deserts and another for just chocolate. Let’s just say I hit about half the days calories by the time the party was over.

We came back to her house to relax for a few hours then I headed home. I changed and hit the gym by 6pm. I went to the YouFit on Camelback tonight as I wasn’t going to my night meeting which the other YouFit is right down the street from the meeting hall.

I did cardio today after my leg, chest and traps workout and boy am I out of shape. I haven’t done any true HIIT cardio in a couple of months. I decided to start because my race is just right around the corner. I walked at 3mph for 20 minutes then did HIIT cardio for 10 minutes running at increasing speeds for 1 minute then walking at 3 mph for 1 minute.

I must be honest it hurt while doing HIIT cardio today. My lower back and knees to be specific. And my cardiovascular, forget about it. It felt like I was gasping for air and I was only running for a minute at a time. This goes to show I have some work to do ahead of me. I will decide my Xmas if I realistically can and will run that race, plus I still have to come up with the registration fee which is about $130 if not more. We’ll see as things unfold how I will be playing out these next few months of 2019. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet ‘


I’m Running But Not Moving!

Back-dated from 11/06/19

Today was chest and arms day and what a day it was. I woke up with my wheels running. I had a primary care check up at 11 then another doctors appointment at 3. I came home between appointments to do some laundry, wash dishes and tried to take a nap but failed miserably. I couldn’t get my mind to shut off. You know the hamster wheel spinning in your head day and night? I couldn’t get mine to stop. I had all these ‘what if’ scenarios replaying in my head.

When this occurs I usually go for a run, bike ride or go to the gym. I do something physical to take my mind off things. What things were running through my head you may be asking? I have been living and managing type 2 diabetes for the last 5 years now. I’ve been managing it through diet and exercise but have since been prescribed medications to help manage the disease.

As some of you may already know I also manage another disease as I am allergic to alcohol. Unfortunately there is no cure for that either. They say you can cure diabetes but does one really cure it or just suppress it through other means? Those ‘means ‘ are diet and exercise and prescription drugs. I take the smallest dosage of metformin and avorvastatin.

What was racing through my mind was that I was predicting my future allowing myself to believe I would be on these medications forever and that I would never suppress diabetes enough to get off of those drugs. Also throw in that I’d be stuck at my job forever and that I’d never have a rich and fulfilling life (you know the typical wife, kids and white picket fence). Sounds boring but I do find that life comforting and I like the possibility of that reassurance.

Whether you’re rejuvenating your health and fitness days of the past or just starting out it can be overwhelming. Making some small little choices here and there will lead to some bigger more permanent choices down the road. To my fellow readers continue to make those little choices so that you can set yourself up for a long term healthy and fit lifestyle. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet ‘


No Waiting Necessary!

Back-dated from 11/03/19

Man I just realised it’s already November and I haven’t yet begun training for my half marathon in January 2020. I’d better start training or else! Ugh. I’m going to start integrating smaller sessions of HIIT cardio. I’ll probably start with a simple walk then jog combination then slowly increase it to a run over time.

Today I hit back and shoulders. I was on a semi-fasted workout having consumed about 300 calories at time of my workout. I hit the gym around noon and finished at 2. I went to the Camelback location this morning. It was perfect timing as it was pretty empty due to the football that was going on.

I was able to do my circuit training again with no interruption. I love when I get have these types of workouts. I took full advantage moving from the hammer strength machines to free weights to the Smith machine back to stationary machines. My shoulders and back were on fire today!

I can only imagine what it’s like to have your own gym or a travelling one like the Rocks ‘Iron Paradise’. I think my perfect gym would have several different fountain drink dispensaries but with pre-workout. My top three pre-workout drinks would be Mesomorph, Mr. Hyde and the classic C-4. What’s your favorite pre-workout please comment below. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet ‘



Seated military press using the Smith Machine 3X10

Hammer strength shoulder press 3X10

Seated lateral raises 3X10

Seated machine shoulder press 3X10


Kneeling lat cable pulls 3X10

Standing Smith Machine barbell row using a supinated grip 3X10

Seated lat cable pulldown using close grip attachment 3X10

Seated machine row 3X10

Seated machine lat pulldown 3X10

Where Did This Year Go?

Back-dated from 10/31/19

Happy Halloween everyone I hope you are having a fun and safe Halloween. I woke up and went to my girlfriends sons school this morning to watch her son at a Halloween parade the school has each year. Her son went as Ghost Face this year. Soon her son will be moving on to middle school. Right now he’s in the fourth grade and almost a top dog at his school.

After the parade we went back to my girlfriends house where she made breakfast then we relaxed for a bit. I left around noon to go do some errands then workout. After my haircut I hit the gym around 3 and was done by 4. It took me about an hour to get home which on a normal day a 10 minute car ride.

The Arizona Cardinals had a Thursday night game against The 49ers so the streets were jam packed. The Cardinals stadium is right in between my house and the gym. I finally got home at 5:20, showered then headed off to meet my girlfriend and her cousins to go trick or treating in Goodyear.

We walked around for about a couple of hours then headed back to her cousins house. We had some pizza, sorted out their candy then went home.

I had to do some improvising today so that I could be there for my girlfriend and her family. I even cut my workout short. Well actually I did my normal one hour chest and legs workout in 30 minutes. I sped up my repetition time and had no rest period.

The only thing I did not skip on was my warm up and cool down routine. Those are key for me to always ensure I have a safe yet effective workout. I can’t workout of I’m injured. And of course I cannot out train my diet so I always make sure those three things are on point. Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet ‘


Age Is Only A Number.

Back-dated from 10/30/19

Today was chest and arms day for this soon to be 46 year old (well at least in 5 months). Why am I referencing my age you may be asking? Today I felt like someone in their 60’s. I woke up sore. Everything hurt and I was hearing cracking every step I took. I didn’t have any crazy workout or get injured recently but the one thing that did change was our weather.

As the reader may already know I live in Phoenix, AZ one of if not the hottest place on earth. It’s either really hot or cold here. I’m proud and lucky to say that I have a competitive low body fat percentage of around 15%. I actually fluctuate each year between 10 and 15%. It’s hard work to stay within this range but I seem to manage. I manage it through diet and exercise of course. If I stay in between 175 and 180lbs every other number from my body fat percentage to my vital statistics to my biometric numbers seem to fall into place and take care of themselves.

Back to why I woke up sore when it gets cold here in the desert my joints tighten up and become frigid. My muscles tend to tighten up as well. I seem to gain weight and become less active as well.

All of these things lead to my discomfort in the winter months. I’m sure I’m just like all other desert folk that can’t wait for our scorching summers to end but can’t wait our cold winters to end and for it to warm up again. I weighed my today and I was at 182lbs. Ouch! I was at 176lbs two weeks ago. I personally do not bulk or cut I just like to stay at a consistent manageable weight. I am going to have to make a few changes this winter so that I can get back on track to my normal weight. When I figure out those changes and implement them I’ll be sure to blog them as they happen but until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet ‘


What A Difference A Day Makes.

Back-dated from 10/27/19

I went to bed furious last night! I tried everything to shake my anger but failed to do so. Surprisingly I woke up this morning with last nights anger nowhere to be seen. Thank you God because I sure as hell didn’t get rid of it.

I woke up at 9:30, hit an Old Timers Recovery meeting from 10 to 11 then hit the gym. Today’s workout consisted of back and shoulders. No cardio for me today. As it becomes cooler here in the valley I will be riding my mountain bike more often. Sometimes I’ll ride it to and from my workouts which is about a 12 mile round trip.

I was home from the gym and showered and at my girlfriends house by 2pm. We ran some errands then had a late lunch/early dinner. We ate at this small independent family owned Mexican restaurant. Man was it good. I had four street tacos with rice and beans and my girlfriend had Tripas. Even with this high fat and calorie meal I was still at my calorie maintenance.

When I hit the gym this morning I was on a semi fasted workout of about 100 calories. So I pretty much intermittent fasted (IF) the majority of the day. When I IF I feel more focused and alert to to the things that require the most attention. My head is not clouded by all fogginess food tends to bring. I don’t feel weighed down or lethargic.

If you never IF I highly recommend giving it a try. You can search the internet for IF and you will see for yourself all the benefits IF has to offer.

As far as my anger from earlier I can honestly say that I was in the right and the other person acknowledged it. I do feel better that they acknowledged their wrong and I hope to never see that anger again.

Until the next workout always remember,

‘You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet’